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[BD] Saigo no densetsu - Kineko

I don't know if you know a web-artist named kineko but she has a Deviant Art acount who must be seen.
As I like her fictions and know her website Oniryu [fr] I had read her LJ, she was speaking about a small comics she mades: Saigo no densetsu. I read and love it!
It's about video game especially RPG type. A young and handsome heros, a kidnapped's princess... and lot's of pnj and interraction ;)
Wanna read?
Comic's is wrote in french but a translation is available ;)

Saigo no densetsu [fr]

Je ne sais pas si vous connaissez une web-artist nommée kineko mais elle a un compte Deviant Art qui se doit d'être vu.
Vu que j'aime ses fic et connait son site web Oniryu [fr] j'ai lu son LJ, elle parlait d'une bd qu'elle realisait: Saigo no Densetsu. Je l'ai lu et l'ai adoré!
Le lien est ci dessus.

Other work from her/ ses autres travaux : Deviant Art - Kineko
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