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J’aime ces test à la c…

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Alors evidemment faisons des tests interessants :

Which HP guys will fight for your love?
Favorite house
Like evil men?
Favorite color
Last name
Who will fight? Harry and Draco
Who will win? Draco
Does he really love you? (8)My sources say no. – (8)
How much will this relationship effect others? – 20%
This QuickKwiz by Mrs.OrlandoBloom – Taken 49 Times.

New – Kwiz.Biz Astrology

Youpi mon chéri gagne et cet abruti de heros souffre! Gniark! Slytherin powaaa!!!
Et comment se passe mon rendez-vous avec le Prince’s of Slytherin?

Your Date with Draco Malfoy
Where you go The Slytherin Common Room
Waht you do Drink Tea
What he thinks of you He loves you
This quiz by quidditchchick16 – Taken 913 Times.

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Cool non?

Franchement enfin des choses qui font plaisir a voir ;)

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