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Tea powaa!!!

So as I said I bougth some tea.
Classed soft to strong :

Right to left:
Green Tea, Lapsang Souchong, Christmas tea, Gunpowder, Russian taste: Petrouchka, Earl Grey, Ceylan strong broken.
All of them delicious... Actually I love the smell of the Petrouchka, Chrismas tea and Earl Grey so nice!!!
I want buy Assam... Because of manga Prince of tea. Assam look delicious ;)
But I gonna buy all the tea I can.

You can use this mutltiple way: coffe or tea? ^^

Sorry I don't know how to says that well so I'm just going to translate that by infusor. The infusor here very useful, tea not broken it can float freely!

I found it cute so I was giggly, and when I see the price I bought! Only 2€40!! I see more teapot that .. well how can you said that? Horrible? Disgusting nauseating? and more and more expensive about 60-70 €!!
This one can contain a large amount a liquid! 3 mug! more than enough for me^^ I don't need to provide tea to my entire neighbourhood!

I have actually pics of all my tea but as my cam is old now, the focus not very clear so I'm sorry.

Wanna have a drink with me?

After seeing this I think that your people understand why I'm want Santas Claus giving me some Tea box?
The paper especially brown is not very easy to manipulate... I'm scared than I can broke the leaf, or more scared than the bag fall apart! Oh my god if they rip!! Gaaahh!!! Wanna box!!

... It's my first "long" post in english I'm hoping than I'm don't make thousand mistake per line...
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