Dark.Ginger (dark_ginger) wrote,

Writer's Block: (like juggling chainsaws)

What is one crazy thing you would like to learn to do?
One ? Just one? Geez what a difficult choice because I love doing crazy things! Honestly I can't really make a choice it's way too difficult and the more I thinks the weirdest idea I have!
Okay so I thinks that I'd like to know how you pilot a plane, a small one, or a helicopter. For the purpose of taking aerial picture. Cause I love taking picture. Or by the way just to know how to defend yourself in every situation, but that I will learn for sure! Self-defence is my friend...
Tags: writer's block

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    Si éclairants soient les grands textes, ils donnent moins de lumière que les premiers flocons de neige. Christian Bobin

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    Le mariage est comme une place assiégée ; ceux qui sont dehors veulent y entrer et ceux qui sont dedans veulent en sortir. Proverbe Chinois

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    Toute petite tâche quotidienne et quotidiennement accomplie, donne de meilleurs résultats que de sporadiques travaux d'Hercule. Anthony Trollope

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