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La planque d’Osama bin Laden obtient 3 étoiles sur 5 sur Google Maps

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demotivational posters coincidence La planque dOsama bin Laden obtient 3 étoiles sur 5 sur Google Maps

Coincidence? Millions of PlayStation name and addresses stolen and Osama bin Laden found and killed

Ce que je trouve génial avec le net c’est sa réactivité, pour le pire ou le meilleur.

Les internautes viennent de Googler l’emplacement de la dernière cachette d’Osama Bin Laden sur Google Maps. Comme ce dernier autorise les reviews, les internautes s’en donnent à coeur joie!
Telle cette review par Allen

This is the cute little rustic B& B you only encounter once in a lifetime. The lack of Wi-Fi makes it impractical to hold a MMORPG convention here, but if FPS games are your thing, you do seem to experience a lot of the real thing.

ou celle-ci par Ted

Looking to get away and unplug from the real world? The Hideout is for you. Sitting on a full acre, this compound boasts several spots to hide away. The main building is three stories tall, but fear not, all the windows are heavily tinted to protect you from prying eyes. The main courtyard is huge, so large in fact you could land a helicopter. But you’re not here for that, you come to The Hideout to reflect on the life you leave behind. Enjoy a secluded spot with no interference from Western curses like phones and internet. Most people looking to escape the pressures of the whole world crashing down on them think they need to venture into wild uncontrolled territories teaming with warlords and cave-like accommodations. That’s simply not true at The Hideout. We’re just a short drive from a major international capital city. You’ll feel safe at The Hideout knowing that our close relationship with the local « intelligence » service will keep unmanned aerial paparazzi and other gawkers at bay. You’ll love The Hideout so much, it may be the last place you call home. We’re now offering a great Buy 1 Year, Get 9 Years Free promotion you’ll just die for.

, ou encore celle de Robert

Quite frankly the front staff was rude. One of our vehicles had mechanical issues and although we did arrive very late at night, we got no help whatsoever with our luggage and so forth. There was neither free WiFi nor even phone service, so we politely got into our vehicle and left. We did take a brief tour though the location and found it to have numerous housekeeping issues. The place was poorly lit and location-wise it seemed to take forever to find. I would swear we would have to scale a wall to get past the security measures of the place, as there were cameras everywhere yet no sign of a pool or even an exercise area. On our tour we asked to see the luxury villa and were surprised to find a couple were already in the room! They were not happy to see us and I must admit we were not so kind in return. While the AAA guide book gave this place three stars, I question if perhaps employees of the hotel login to submit misleading reviews.

Ce n’est qu’un petit échantillon des nombreuses reviews qu’il est possible de trouver sur Google Maps.
Alors certes ce n’est pas forcément du meilleur goût mais certaines sont vraiment bien tournées et trouvées.
J’ai adorée la

Privacy was great…until being leaked out on the Playstation Network.

ou encore

The hotel is obviously doing quite well, as evidenced by the fact that the cleaning crew is actually helicoptered in each evening, and in fact they go so far as to destroy any furniture that they feel is outdated or in need of repair


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